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New GopherData post on Go-based workflow tools

10 Nov, 2017

Samuel and Jon from the group contributed to a post on the GopherData website together with Daniel Whitenack from the Pachyderm team, providing a brief overview of the growing ecosystem of workflow tools in bio- and cheminformatics implemented in the Go programming language.

The group is doing research in workflows, including how the Pachyderm data framework can be used to coordinate workflows on kubernetes clusters (Jon) (Kubernetes is Google’s open source container orchestration framework), as well as developing our own light-weight system, SciPipe, which focuses on complex, dynamic workflows, where dynamic (or on-line) scheduling is important.

Thus, as the ecosystem of Go-based workflow tools in bioinformatics recently grew even more, with the addition of the Reflow framework, released as open source by life science startup Grail Inc., we found it worthwhile to provide a brief overview of the growing ecosystem of tools, to help users navigate the different options, and find which tool or framework might best fit one’s needs.