Automatic Cell Profiling Laboratory

We have established an automated lab for cell profiling with a high-content microscope (ImageXpress XLS), a liquid handler robot (BioMek 4000), a plate incubator (Liconic STX44), plate hotel (Ambient), and a plate robot (PreciseFlex PF400) for automatic plate handling. Apart from the robotized equipment, we have access to a fully equipped cell- and biochemistry lab and a wide range of relevant cell lines.


Computational equipment includes a networked storage system (240 TB), two local servers (20+24 cores, 160+160 GB RAM), and a local GPU cluster (10 Nvidia graphics cards) to run demanding Deep Learning analysis. We run an OpenStack instance for external services. We run an internal Kubernetes cluster for processing, also connected to the GPU cluster. Our entire virtual infrastructure is defined using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and deployed via KubeNow, Rancher, Helm, and Ansible.