Automatic Cell Profiling Laboratory

Video from our automated cell profiling laboratory.


Our automated cell profiling lab consists of:

Our robotized lab for cell profiling comprises a fully contained environment with monitored climate control, humidity, and ventilation. Equipment includes:

Lab automation software

We are developing an Open Source Automated Robotic System for biological laboratories (AROS, that can be used for research groups who would like to set up custom automated lab installations comprising multiple instruments. We welcome contributions to this project by all interested developers!


Computational equipment includes a networked storage system (240 TB), two local servers (20+24 cores, 160+160 GB RAM), and a local GPU cluster (10 Nvidia graphics cards) to run demanding Deep Learning analysis. We run an OpenStack instance for external services. We run an internal Kubernetes cluster for processing, also connected to the GPU cluster. Our entire virtual infrastructure is defined using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and deployed via STACKn, Rancher, Helm, and Ansible. All code for the virtual infrastructure is open source and available from github.