Predicting Target Profiles with Confidence as a Service using Docking Scores

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Published: 2020-09-22

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Ahmed L, Alogheli H, Arvidsson McShane S, Alvarsson J, Berg A, Larsson A, Schaal W, Laure E and Spjuth O.. Predicting Target Profiles with Confidence as a Service using Docking Scores.
Journal of Cheminformatics. 12, 62 (2020). DOI: 10.1186/s13321-020-00464-1


Identifying and assessing ligand-target binding is a core component in early drug discovery as one or more unwanted interactions may be associated with safety issues. We present an open-source, extendable web service for predicting target profiles with confidence using machine learning for a panel of 7 targets, where models are trained on molecular docking scores from a large virtual library. The method uses conformal prediction to produce valid measures of prediction efficiency for a particular confidence level. The service also offers the possibility to dock chemical structures to the panel of targets with QuickVina on individual compound basis. The docking procedure and resulting models were validated by docking well-known inhibitors for each of the 7 targets using QuickVina. The model predictions showed comparable performance to molecular docking scores against an external validation set. The implementation as publicly available microservices on Kubernetes ensures resilience, scalability, and extensibility.