Towards automated phenotypic cell profiling with high-content imaging

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Presenter:Ola Spjuth
Abstract:Phenotypic profiling of cells with high-content imaging is emerging as an important methodology with high predictive power. The true power of these methods comes when integrated into automated, robotized systems that can be run continuously and not restricted to batch analysis. One of the main challenges then becomes how to manage and continuously analyze the large amounts of data produced. In this talk I will present our efforts to establish an automated lab for cell profiling of drugs using multiplexed fluorescence imaging (Cell Painting). I will describe our computational and lab infrastructure as well as the systems, tools an methods we are developing to sustain continuous profiling of cells and continuous AI modeling. A key objective in the group is on improving screening and toxicity assessment, but also to explore predictions of mechanisms and pathways. The long-term goal is to build a closed-loop system where results from analyses are used by an AI system to design the next round of experiments and iteratively improve the confidence in predictions.
Venue: Chemical Biology Seminar Series, Stockholm
Date:6 Feb, 2020
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