Data-intensive applications on cloud computing resources: Applications in life sciences

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Presenter:Ola Spjuth
Abstract:This presentation will offer perspectives from the Swedish e-infrastructure landscape relevant for data-intensive bioinformatics, and describe challenges and opportunities offered by cloud computing. It will also contain developments and experiences from the PhenoMeNal project on building a microservice-based architecture on cloud resources for metabolomics based on Docker and Kubernetes accessed via Virtual Research Environments. Further, some investigations and projects for how to leverage on cloud resources when working with data-intensive applications will be presented, including large-scale genomics, working with sensitive data, the challenges of cloud-based storage, workflow systems, and Apache Spark.
Venue: de.NBI 2017 symposium 'The Future Development of Bioinformatics in Germany and Europe', Bielefeld
Date:23 Oct, 2017
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