Enabling Translational Medicine with e-Science

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Presenter:Ola Spjuth
Abstract:New molecular technologies and computational methodology allow for an improved understanding of the mechanisms for initiation and progression of disease. eScience for Cancer Prevention and Control (eCPC) is a flagship project and joint collaboration between the Swedish e-Science initiatives SeRC and eSSENCE. The aim is to (a) support cancer biomarker discovery and use, and (b) translate discovery into individualized diagnostics, prevention and screening strategies. A modular framework for cancers of the prostate, breast and cervix has been developed, which includes prediction models for cancer initiation and progression coupled with a microsimulation to evaluate of cost and benefit of various screening scenarios. These e-Science tools have e.g. been used in the landmark STHLM3 diagnostic trial for prostate cancer screening. A system for translating next-generation sequencing to clinical diagnostics has also been developed and is now in use for early detection of mutation frequencies in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). The e-Science components identified and used in the eCPC projects include data integration, data security, image analysis, modeling and simulation, and automation of analysis workflows on high-performance e-Infrastructures.
Venue: Swedish e-Science Academy 2015, Stockholm
Date:15 Oct, 2015
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