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Authors:Carl Mäsak and Jonathan Alvarsson
Abstract:Bioclipse is a Life Sciences platform running on top of the Eclipse framework, a well-established software development platform. For the bioinformatician, it provides common features such as BLAST searches, R scripting and sequence alignment. Bioclipse's chemoinformatics capabilities encompass treatment of molecular structures and spectrography through — among other toolkits — the Chemistry Development Kit (CDK). Bioclipse also supports use of common bioinformatics/chemoinformatics services, both local and remote. These features are combined both in a standard graphical interface and in an integrated javascript environment. The various components communicate via a unified data format. Because of Bioclipse's closeness to Eclipse, plugins from Eclipse (such as Subclipse for revision handling) can be used right away in Bioclipse. For Bioclipse release 2 the internals have been remade to better be able to encapsulate/integrate the diverse functionality that has been added to the Bioclipse project since its start.
Venue: 8th Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop - Uppsala, Sweden, Uppsala
Published:28 Feb, 2008