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Group Retreat at Krusenberg Mansion

28 Aug, 2019

On August 27-28, our research group was on a retreat to Krusenberg Mansion, where we had good presentations and discussed planning and strategies on research and education activities in the group. In the evening the social program involved Sauna and a nice dinner at the mansion. We had very good weather, as you can see from the photos below!

Retreat 2019 Workshop and discussions.

Retreat 2019 Dinner at Krusenberg Mansion.

Retreat 2019 The sauna in evening.

Retreat 2019 The sauna in evening.

Retreat 2019 Swimming in lake Ekoln.

Retreat 2019 Morgan and Stephanie enjoying the evening.

Retreat 2019 Anders’ dog Rasmus loves to swim!

Retreat 2019 Ola Spjuth in his new lab coat.

Retreat 2019 Morgan, Polina, Phil and Jonathan.

Retreat 2019 Oliver Stein

Retreat 2019 Stephanie Kim and Henrik having late discussions.