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Opportunity for PhD or postdocs at Centre for Digital Life Norway to apply for 3-year project in our group

1 Oct, 2020

For a PhD or Postdoc involved in a research project at the Centre for Digital Life Norway or is a member of its research school, there is now an opportunity to apply for a three-year researcher project with international mobility to join our research group at Uppsala University, which is affiliated with SciLifeLab (see our SciLifeLab Research Group Webpage).

Our team matches the criteria very well, as we are extremely well aligned with the SciLifeLab’s focus on data driven life science within cell biology. We are very interested in receiving candidates interested in the area related to AI, automation, phenotypic profiling, and drug screening. See our Projects page for more information on our main activities. We have access to an automated laboratory and a well-developed computer infrastructure.

If interested, you need to register your interest for our matchmaking process by 21 October latest. Take a look at our ongoing research topics.

Read more and apply here: