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NeIC Glenna project visits our group

10 Mar, 2020

The NeIC project Glenna (https://neic.no/glenna/) had its final meeting in Uppsala on March 10, 2020. Our group’s involvement has been in the project towards establishing a Nordic AI collaboration, and in particular on:

1) Evaluating KubeFlow for portable AI models (Oliver Stein).

2) Joining GPU nodes from CSC into SSC for AI modeling using Kubernetes and OpenShift (Anders Larsson).

3) Developing the Lean AI Stack open source project (Morgan Ekmefjord).

In addition to a program reporting what has been achieved, there was also a visit to our lab.

Anders Larsson explaining our kubernetes-based infrastructure.

Members of the NeIC project visiting our robotized lab.

A final cheers for the completed Glenna project!