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Our HASTE team wins the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge organized by AI Sweden and AstraZeneca

23 Nov, 2020

We are very happy to announce that the HASTE team has emerged as the winners to the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge that was organized by AstraZeneca and AI Sweden as a challenge to the AI community to solve the problem of labeling cell images without requiring toxic preprocessing of cell cultures. From our group the members were Phil Harrison and Ebba Bergman.

The task was to utilize machine learning to combine the advantages of bright field and fluorescence imaging and at the same time avoid the toxic effects of cell labeling by predicting the content of the fluorescence images from the corresponding bright field images. It was a very competitive event, only 8 very experienced teams were pre-selected to participate in the competition.

Figure: Can you guess which of these images is from fluorescence microscopy imaging and which one is generated from a brightfield image?

Phil Harrison and Ebba Bergman from the pharmb.io group

Read the Press Release by AI Sweden from the prize ceremony (only in Swedish).