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4 posters at the 10th Pharmaceutical Profiling Symposium

30 Jan, 2020

Our research group presented 4 posters at the 10th Pharmaceutical Profiling Symposium at Uppsala University, on January 30th, 2020.

It was a very nice event with 150 registered participants, and talk from varying areas of profiling.

Posters presented:

Automating Cell Profiling of Drugs with Cell Painting.
Spjuth, Ola; Aggarwal, Tanya; Georgieva, Polina; Larsson, Anders, Schaal Wesley
figshare. Poster. (2020) https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.11777253.v1

Cell profiling of compounds using Quantitative Phase Imaging
Victor Malmsjö, Anton Davidsson, Philip J Harrison, Tanya Aggarwal, Polina Georgiev, Ola Spjuth.

Deep learning models for RNA-based drug delivery using time-lapse microscopy image data
Philip J Harrison, Håkan Wieslander, Alan Sabirsh, Carolina Wählby, Johan Karlsson, Victor Malmsjö, Andreas Hellander and Ola Spjuth.

Exploring the Usefulness of Morphological Profiling of Cells to Study Combinatorial Drug Toxicity
Tanya Aggarwal, Polina Georgieva, Maris Lapins, and Ola Spjuth

Photos from the event:

Ola Spjuth discussing with representatives from AstraZeneca.

Tanya Aggarwal presenting her poster.

Victor Malmsjö presenting his poster.